Welcome to Envostar Co., Ltd.

ENVOSTAR Co. Ltd. was established in the year 2000 and initially as a subsidiary of the parent company Envotech Co. Ltd.

Situated on National Road No. 6, Envostar today is involved in the manufacture of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as the manufacture of ballistic vests and body protection armor conforming to international standards and recognition.

Envostar started as a Charity Foundation funded by the British Charity that hires disabled people and mine victims to manufacture PPE for the international market.

After the funded ended, Mr. Finn Gundersen, the CEO took over the project and made it more sustainable by continuing to employ disadvantaged people, training them and to continue the PPE manufacturing process.

Envostar is corporate company and today exports their PPE products over 50 countries across the globe. Envostar is in the process of obtaining ISO by end 2017.

Besides the manufacture of PPE, Envostar is also engaged in the sales and distribution of products and services from Europe such as CHC, QSS and Proceq.

As an equipment importer, Envostar now diversifies to bring expertise and advanced products in the areas of construction, safety equipment, navigation and aerial surveillance.

About Envostar

With a handful of products and services, Envostar focus on having the best service quality available to clients.