Envostar started with humble beginnings with less than 10 employees but today has more than doubled its workforce in PP industry primarily in sewing of the ballistic vests.

Over the years, Envostar’s client range from Demining Agencies, the Police and Military. It adheres to strict codes of conduct and does not sell Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to the public, only registered humanitarian agencies, the police that is engaged with protecting the public and the military that ensures the safeguards of the country.

It may be useful to note that Envostar exports over 80% of its PPE products overseas and 20% for the local market. In the areas of products from CHC, QSS and Proceq, clients are mainly in the construction and engineering industry both in the private and public (Government) sector.

To this day, Envostar and its main parent company is led by Mr. Finn Gundersen, a Norwegian national that has found Cambodia his home after serving as a United Nations technical advisor during the years of the Khmer Rouge. His 25 years of experience in Cambodia has led the company from scratch to a success story.

Dear valued customer

We started up with production of Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, in Cambodia after being trained by Development Technology Workshop, DTW in 1998. The first years our production concentrated on equipment for demining, e.g. fragment proof vests. To keep our staff busy we later expanded our product range to include vests for law enforcement entities. We are now NIJ-registered and our vests are tested and approved for protection NIJ 01.01.04. level IIIA at H. P. White laboratory in Maryland USA

As you might know Cambodia is heavily infected with mines from war. We work hard with demining organizations to design better equipment and train and employ mine victims for production. At the moment we have about 35 staff producing PPE and approx 30 % of our employees are disabled, mine or other war victims. Envostar management was up front and established Business Advisory Council for disabled people together with World Rehabilitation Fund, ILO and other multinational businesses in Cambodia. We participate actively to get more disabled people integrated in the working environment.

The demand for PPE has been growing steadily and our high quality and adaptive production is recognized worldwide. Currently the most of our production is done for export, to Asia, Europe and Northern America. Demand for PPE is high and we are expanding our facilities to produce larger quantities.

Best regards,
Finn Viggo Gundersen