Envostar Service

With a handful of products and services, Envostar focus on having the best service quality available to clients.

In addition, under the PPE Division, Envostar also offer product development services such as design to ensure that their products suit the task that is being assigned.

PPE products and equipment can be customized to meet client requirements conforming to international specification and standards. Other services such as consulting can be added in the equation to ensure that products manufactured are suited for specific needs.

On the sales and distribution of products and services, Envostar continues to bring in advanced technology into Cambodia at a time when the country sees robust growth in its infrastructure development.

The continued expansion of Envostar is in tandem with the training on the use of sophisticated equipment, most notably today navigation tools for mapping through aerial surveillance and monitoring.

We are mainly sewing body armor for demining .
But we are now able to supply bulletproof vests to NIJ std Level III.

Last year we have produced a lot of special equipment for Singapore Special forces.
We have also produced a VIP protection blanket to NIJ Level IIIA std for higher ranking government officials. This blanket is designed so it is looking like a small laptop computer but just release one Velcro lock and the blanket folds out.

We employ mine- and other war victims.